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Battle of Mogadishu US Army Ranger

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About the Battle of Mogadishu US Army Ranger - November Minifig of the Month:

On October 3, 1993 a force of 160 U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force Operators launched Operation Gothic Serpent, which was designed to be the capture of Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s top two lieutenants. However, the mission did not go as planned, and early on in the operation Black Hawk Super Six One was downed by an RPG, followed by a second bird, Super Six Four, also downed by an RPG. As a result, what was designed to be a 90-minute mission turned into a 15-hour battle that cost the lives of 18 U.S. soldiers. Despite the destruction, both of Aidid’s lieutenants were captured.

Brickmania® custom minifigures include detailed historical artwork based on the uniforms and equipment used at that time. All artwork is designed and professionally printed at the Brickmania HQ in Minneapolis, MN.

Minifigure Details:

The Battle of Mogadishu US Army Ranger features a full 360-degree printed head with realistic MCH helmet from BrickArms® and chin straps, along with a desert 3-color uniform and woodland camo ranger body armor. Equipment includes standard 1990s era ranger webbing with M16 ammo pouches, grenades and a canteen.