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Modern War Bundle - Modern US Marine Raider and Perfect Caliber™ SOPMOD BrickArms® M4-TAC

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Modern War Bundle:

Includes 1x Modern US Marine Raider and 1x Perfect Caliber™ SOPMOD BrickArms® M4-TAC.

Brickmania custom minifigures feature detailed, historically accurate uniforms and high-quality UV printing as well as cutting edge gear and weaponry. Brickmania minifigures are made in small batches and are priced to reflect the amount of time and money we put into each one. All custom minifigures are designed using original artwork by Minifigure Artist Landon Reimer at the Brickmania HQ in Minneapolis, MN.

The Brickmania® Perfect Caliber™ project takes BrickArms® accessories and enhances them by printing fine details on the weapons, adding realism and excitement to your creations. You’ll find everything from famous historical guns to advanced modern rifles and more.