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Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad – WWII German Light Tractor

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About the Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad – WWII German Light Tractor:

The German KFz. 2 Kettenkrad of Kraftfarzeug Kettenkraftrad (special road vehicle half-track motorcycle) is one of the more peculiar mainline vehicles of World War II. The Kettenkrad’s frontend is a motorcycle while the aft end is a halftrack giving it a unique blend of utility and mobility. Originally designed to be used by Germany’s airborne and mountain infantry divisions, the Kettenkrad’s utility gained it great popularity and was ultimately used by the German Army at large. It filled a unique role as a light artillery hauler and off-road vehicle that could bare over 700lbs of cargo, including three solders (one of which was the driver).

As its role expanded past that of the airborne and mountain infantry, the Kettenkrad was used to tow anti-aircraft guns, mortars, aircraft, reels of telephone cable, and various kinds of trailers. While the tracked vehicle was used all over, it was commonly found on the Eastern Front. Here, the hauler could better traverse the harsh, muddy, Russian landscape where they were key in laying communication lines and transporting infantry troops. While most Kettenkrad vehicles operated as a base hauler, there was an up armored version with a machine gun to give soldiers a bit more punch. Over 8800 were built over the course of the war making it one Germany’s most popular vehicles.