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Bell® AH-1(G) Cobra® - Attack Helicopter

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About the Bell® AH-1(G) Cobra® - Attack Helicopter:

Introduced with a new slim fuselage and fighter-type cockpit, the Bell® AH-1(G) Cobra® was the world's first dedicated attack helicopter. First seeing service in 1968, the initial AH-1(G) variant (often called the Huey Cobra) was very effective against unarmored targets and light vehicles, and even took over the role of assault helicopter and tank killer from the UH-1(D). The AH-1(G) could carry an impressive payload on its stub wings and was also fitted with a nose turret capable of mounting miniguns, cannons, or grenade launchers.


Crew: 2
Speed: 172 mph (277 kph)
Range: 356 miles (574 km)
Armament: Combo of: 40 mm grenade launchers, 7.62 mm miniguns, TOW anti-tank missiles, 70mm unguided rockets, cluster munitions, napalm bombs