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Bell® UH-1Y Venom – Medium Utility Helicopter

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About the Bell® UH-1Y Venom – Medium Utility Helicopter:

The agile Bell® UH-1Y can engage threats, deliver or extricate personnel and perform under the most punishing operating conditions, making it the ultimate tactical utility helicopter. Integrated avionics and glass cockpit have made it a favorite among pilots and crew, while its versatility allows the craft to be used as close air support, search and rescue, and armed aerial escort. The UH-1Y is fully marinized against harsh desert and maritime environments and shares 85 percent of parts in common with the AH-1Z, providing lower overall program and life cycle costs, decreasing the logistical footprint.


Crew: 2 + 8 passengers
Armament: 2x 7.62 mm GAU-17/A Gatling guns
Max Speed: 170 KIAS
Combat Radius: 119 nm