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PT-76 - Amphibious Tank

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About the PT-76 Amphibious Tank:

The Russian Plavayushchiy Tank 76 or PT-76 to those who wouldn’t dare attempt the word, was a light, amphibious tank developed in the early 1950s. The PT-76’s boat shaped hull allowed it to easily traverse in water while two built-in hydro jets allow for amphibious propulsion. This meant, during its service with the NVA throughout the Vietnam War, it could easily travel through rice paddies and traverse bridges that were not sturdy enough for heavier tanks. In 1969 during the Battle of Ben Het, the NVA’s PT-76 light amphibious tanks faced off against US M48 Patton tanks. One PT-76 scored a direct hit on the turret of an M48 killing two crewmen and wounding the other two, however the NVA would ultimately lose.


Crew: 3
Armament: 76.2mm D-56T rifled, 7.62mm SGMT MG
Speed Land/Water: 44 km/h (27 mph)/10.2(6.3 mph)
Range: 270-400 km (250L)

Additional information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

Fully printed and crewed by a custom NVA Tanker minifig, the PT-76 features a fully rotating turret, elevating/depressing gun, deployable hydro jets, opening hatches and smooth rolling tracks. Printed elements include hull hatches, supply boxes, hydro jet hatches, and wheel details. Also featured is a custom 3D printed PT-76 muzzle brake debuting in this kit.

Model Statistics:

Designed by Mary Wilson
627 elements
1x custom minifig designed by Landon Reimer
1x 3D printed PT-76 muzzle brake
Additional custom printed elements
Full-color printed building instructions
1/35th scale to match other Brickmania kits
Intermediate Skill Level (4-6 years building experience recommended)