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7.7cm FK 96 N/A – WWI German Field Gun - Brickmania Classic Series

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About the 7.7cm FK 96 N/A – WWI German Field Gun:

The 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art served the German army well in the early stages of the First World War, before the conflict settled into prolonged, entrenched warfare. Building on the outdated 7.7cm FK 96, the new model (n.A.) was light and mobile, proving effective during Germany’s early rapid advance into the Low Countries and France.

However, the 7.7cm FK 96 n.A. suffered from a short range and relatively slow rate of fire. As the trench systems took hold and massed bombardments became the way of war, the French and British artillery proved superior. When dug-in, the 7.7cm FK 96 n.A.’s five man crew could fire 10 rounds per minute with a range of 9,200 yards; but, by comparison, the French 75 could manage almost 30 rounds per minute with a range of 12,000 yards. By the end of the war, the 7.7cm FK 96 was largely replaced by the heavier 7.7cm FK 16.