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AEC Mammoth - Rommel's Armored Command Vehicle

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This is a limited-edition series build and will not restock after its initial production run.

About the AEC Mammoth - Rommel's Armored Command Vehicle 

During World War II, Great Britain's Associated Equipment Company produced numerous vehicles for the military based on the Mammoth series of heavy trucks. The most numerous of these vehicles were the Matador artillery tractor and its derivative Armored Command Vehicle.  The later was nicknamed "The Dorchester "by British troops, after the luxury hotel of the same name, but is also ubiquitously known as "The Mammoth". Three of these vehicles were captured by the Afrika Corps during the course of the war, two of which were used as General Erwin Rommel's personal command vehicles, named Max and Moritz respectively. 

Our version of the Mammoth was created by designer Andreas Eggen and has been configured to represent the DAK command post.  Included are a unique vehicle driver minifigure plus the Desert Fox himself. The model comes with a brick-built desert camouflage pattern,  is decorated with printed elements inside and out, has a fabric / paper tarpaulin, and includes optional stickers to depict several different vehicle configurations.