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Bayraktar TB2 – Ukrainian Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle

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About the Bayraktar TB2 Ukrainian Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle:

The Bayraktar TB2 is an unmanned arial vehicle (UAV)capable of either remotely controlled or autonomous flight. The aircraft are flown and monitored remotely by a crew in a ground control station, managing all aspects of the mission including weapons deployment. The largest operator of TB2 drones currently is the Turkish military but some models have been used by other countries including by Ukrainian forces during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Bayraktar TB2 UAV has a blended wing body design with an inverted V-tail. Thrust is generated by a variable pitch propeller in pushing configuration. The ground control station is based on a NATO shelter unit which is crewed by a pilot, payload operator and mission commander.

On February 27, 2022, the Ukraine’s air force confirmed two strikes by TB2 on Russian convoys in the Kherson and Zhytomyr regions. According to video footage released by the armed forces, TB2 drones successfully destroyed several Russian military vehicles including surface-to-air missile systems. The drone also reportedly destroyed two Russian fuel trains.

We thank you for your support of this endeavor and for your support of the Ukrainian people. Slava Ukraini!


Crew: 0 on board, 3 per ground control station
Length: 21 ft
Wingspan: 39 ft
Payload: 330 lb
Propeller: 2-bladed variable-pitch
Fuel capacity: 79 US gal
Maximum speed: 120 knots
Range: up to 2,200 nm
Service ceiling: 25,000 feet
Endurance: 27 hours
Hardpoints: four bomb racks for single-lugged 23 kg/50 lbs smart micro-munitions, with provisions to carry multiple combinations of rockets, bombs, and missiles

Additional information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

This small but mighty kit is the perfect addition to any modern MOC. It’s spinning propeller and multiple printed elements give it great detail, and BrickArms® scale munitions make it a deadly addition to your collection.

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