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BMP-1 (Iraqi)

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About the BMP-1 (Iraqi):

The BMP-1 was designed to adapt the changing nature of war. Troops needed to be deployed quickly to counter enemy movements. The BMP-1 was one of the first “armored infantry fighting vehicles”. Developed by the Soviet Union, the BMP-1 is a fully amphibious tracked vehicle capable of carrying three crew members and eight soldiers. It saw initial active combat with Syrian and Egyptian forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War against Israel. Many BMP-1s went through extensive modernization programs undertaken in the mid-1970s, ultimately leading to the BMP-1P.

Numerous flaws existed with the design of the BMP-1, which did not become obvious until the Soviet War in Afghanistan. One such flaw is that the BMP-1 lacks an air conditioning or cooling system, often resulting in heat exhaustion for both crew and passengers.

Prior to the first Gulf War, Iraq bought around 1,000 BMP-1s and 800 BMP-2s from the Soviet Union. Iraq also developed two upgrades for the BMP-1 and one armored ambulance conversion. The vehicle was deployed mainly by the Iraqi Republican Guard.