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Buffalo – Mine Protected Route Clearing Vehicle

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This is a limited-edition series build and will not restock after its initial production run. Order between 3-8-24 and 3-10-24 to guarantee your copy!

Kits ship on or around 4-29-24.

About the Buffalo – Mine Protected Route Clearing Vehicle:

The Buffalo is a 6-wheeled armored vehicle designed to protect against and remove explosives. With thick armor and high ground clearance befitting its role, the Buffalo is a behemoth at 27 feet long and a towering 13 feet high. Employed predominantly by the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan, Buffalos also have been used by British, Canadian, French, Italian, and Pakistani armed forces.

To protect the occupants, the Buffalo has a V-shaped monohull, designed to direct explosive blasts aways from the crew, and heavy armor, including 6-inch-thick glass windows. To assist in ordnance disposal, the Buffalo is equipped with infrared technology systems to detect nearby explosives. Notably, the MRAP carries a distinctive robotic arm capable of extending 30 feet, enabling the crew to diffuse unexploded ordnance safely from within the vehicle.