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Churchill Mk VII – WWII British Heavy Tank

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This is a limited-edition series build and will not restock after its initial production run. Order between 2-16-24 and 2-18-24 to guarantee your copy!

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About the Churchill Mk VII – WWII British Heavy Tank:

Despite the Prime Minister’s joking reference to “the tank they named after me when they found out it was no damn good,” the Churchill was a successful and formidable British tank of the Second World War. As an infantry tank, the Churchill was slow, a fault that nearly cancelled its production, and heavy, a benefit that allowed the tank to take damage and carry a range of powerful guns. Distinctively, the Churchill’s treads ran over the chassis, providing an incredible ability to climb slopes, clear trenches, and continue running on damaged wheels.

The Mk. VII debuted in Normandy in 1944. Often called the ‘Heavy Churchill,’ the Mk. VII carried a 75mm gun and could withstand incredible punishment, with armor 50% thicker than the Tiger I. Equipped with Mk. VIIs, the 34th Armoured Brigade fought across northern France, helping to liberate Le Havre and Dunkirk, and into the Netherlands and Germany.