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Flak 38 – 2cm Automatic Cannon – Brickmania Classic Series

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About the Flak 38 – 2cm Automatic Cannon:

The Flak 38 was Germany’s primary light anti-aircraft gun of the Second World War. Recognizing the increasing speed of aircraft during the interwar years, Germany developed the Flak 38 by increasing the rate of fire of existing 2cm autocannons. However, the 20-round ammunition box feed system limited the gun’s rate of fire in practice. Despite being underpowered, the Flak 38 proved versatile and remained in use throughout the war. Mounted on a triangular base, the gun could rotate to fire in any direction. Flak 38s also were used horizontally against ground troops, firing from fixed positions and through hedgerows. 

Germany built over 40,000 Flak 38s, not including variant models such as the Gebirgsflak 38 for airborne and mountain troops or the Flakvierling 38 with quad-mounted guns, making it Germany’s most-produced artillery piece of the war.