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German Army atf Dingo Infantry Mobile Vehicle (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Version)

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The ATF Dingo (German: Allschutz-Transport-Fahrzeug (ATF) Dingo) is an infantry mobility vehicle (IMV) manufactured by Klaus-Maffei in Germany. -Fahrzeug means all-safeguarded transport vehicle.The ATF Dingo has an Unimog chassis with a mine-protected V-hull, enough armour and NBC protection to withstand mines, small arms fire and artillery shell fragments.

The body of the Dingo is modular in structure and consists of five parts: the chassis, the defence compartment, the cargo compartment, the engine compartment and the bottom compartment for mine blast protection. The upper part of the cargo compartment at the rear of the vehicle is covered with a waterproof fabric to reduce weight.(From Wikipedia)


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