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Humvee® 2-CT™ Hawkeye - Mobile Howitzer System

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About the Humvee® 2-CT™ Hawkeye - Mobile Howitzer System:

The Humvee® 2-CT™ Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Howitzer System (MHS) is the lightest weight, most highly maneuverable self-propelled howitzer in the world today. The 105MHS battery is organized to suppress, neutralize, and destroy both ground forces and structures in an indirect and direct fire mode. This system allows the weapon to move, shoot and move again without relying on heavy equipment to counter any adverse effects from battery fire and other aggressive offensive engagements.


Crew: 2
Armament: 105mm Mobile Howitzer
Engine: V8, 6.5L turbocharged diesel
Horsepower: 205 hp (153 KW) @ 3,400 rpm
Fuel capacity: 25 gal. (95 L)