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Humvee® M998 Tactical Vehicle – Desert Storm Edition

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About the Humvee® M998 Tactical Vehicle – Desert Storm Edition:

The M998 high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle, or HMMWV (Humvee®), entered service in October of 1985. While the base vehicle is used for troop and cargo transport, the Humvee is highly customizable and dozens of variations exist today. Equipped with basic levels of armor, the Humvee was and still is the workhorse of the U.S. Armed Forces in the same way the MUTT and other 1/4 ton trucks were from previous generations. The M998 carries a crew of two along with eight passengers or up to 2,500 lbs. of cargo. The standard cargo variant uses a canvas top that covers the bed and the four doors. The M998 is built on an aluminum frame, making it air transportable, and its diesel engine could reach speeds of 70mph. The basic M998 could have machine guns or TOW missile launchers installed to offer convoy and troop protection.

While seeing some use in Operation Just Cause in 1989, the first widespread use of the M998 was the Gulf War in 1991. Its off-road capability and ease of maintenance led to its success and is a large reason why it is still used today.


Crew: 2-4
Fuel capacity: 25 gallons (94.63 liters)
Maximum Speed: 55 mph
Range: 275 - 337 mi.