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Ju 52 - Military Transport Aircraft

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About the Ju 52 – Military Transport Aircraft:

Although obsolete as a bomber at the outbreak of World War II, the Ju 52 continued to serve as a workhorse for the German transport fleet because of its durability and handling. Delivering supplies in Norway, Demark, France, and throughout most of lower Europe during the war, Adolf Hitler even used one as his personal transport for a time. In May of 1941 nearly 500 Ju 52s aided the infamous airborne assault on the island of Crete and would go on to supply Rommel’s armored forces in North Africa.


Crew: 3
Armament: 4x 7.9mm machine guns
Speed: 265 km/h (165 mph)
Range: 870 km (541 mi)
Ceiling: 5,490 m (18,012 ft)