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Kubelwagen - Ambush Camouflage – WWII Utility Car

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About the Kubelwagen - Ambush Camouflage – WWII Utility Car:

 In World War II, where German forces went, the Kübelwagen went. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen, the light utility vehicle served with all branches of the German military in every theater throughout the war. Although only two-wheel drive, its light weight, flat underbody, and high ground clearance gave the Kübelwagen good off-road abilities, and the air-cooled engine functioned reliably in both extreme heat and bitter cold. With over 50,000 produced, Kübelwagens filled numerous roles, from transport or reconnaissance vehicle to command car.

Introduced in late 1944 as the Allies secured air superiority over Europe, the Ambush (Hinterhalt) Camouflage pattern was an attempt to hide German vehicles from prowling Allied aircraft. It featured dark yellow (dunkelgelb) base paint with olive green and red brown stripes, splotches, and dots. However, factory differences and increasingly rushed production created wide variations in shade and design between vehicles.