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LCAC - Landing Craft Air Cushion

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Now’s your chance to own one of the most iconic kits in the history of custom military creations! Collectors looking to purchase an LCAC kit can preorder the kit as well as the printed parts pack within the 2-9-24 to 2-18-24 timeframe. The pack replaces several large stickers within the LCAC kit.

PLEASE NOTE: The LCAC kits available here for preorder feature upgraded helmets for the crew custom created by Brickmania. However, they DO NOT feature the new custom printed tile pack. If you want to upgrade your new kit from the included stickers, you’ll want to grab a copy of BMP059 LCAC Printed Parts Pack along with the base kit to complete your build.

About the LCAC - Landing Craft Air Cushion:

The LCAC is a ship-to-shore and across the beach air cushion vehicle for transporting the assault elements of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force, including personnel, weapons, equipment, and cargo. Capable of carrying a 60-75-ton payload, the LCAC can carry heavy vehicles, such as an Abrams tank, at speeds exceeding 45 miles per hour. Its air cushion technology allows for easier access to difficult coastline terrain and provides personnel transport, evacuation support, lane breaching, mine countermeasure operations, and Marine and Special Warfare equipment delivery.


Crew: 5
Armament: Two Gun mounts will support: M2HB .50 Cal machine gun; M240 7.62 mm machine gun; and MK-19 MOD3 40 mm grenade launcher
Speed: 40+ knots (46+ mph; 74.08 kph) with full load
Range: 200 miles at 35 kts with 50-ton payload