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LTATV – Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle

  • ¥28,000
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About the LTATV – Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle:

The Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle is a small side by side used by U.S. Special Operations Forces. Like Traditional ATVs in use by the military, the LTATV provides a highly maneuverable form of transportation that is low profile and transportable. LTATVs are frequently air transported in helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft due to their compact footprint. LTATVs in use by the U.S. include versions similar to what can be found at a typical civilian powersports dealer but with special modifications. To be suitable for transport in existing military helicopters, a collapsible tubular frame with front and rear tubular bumpers and an underbody skid plate are added. Swing arm machine gun mounts can be, and usually are, attached to the roll cage. These can accommodate either an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon or an M240B machine gun. These-rough and-ready vehicles also feature uprated suspension, lighting, and cargo capacity. Currently in use by a number of countries including the United States, the LTATV is the perfect platform for quick incursions and excursions. Its portability combined with its confidence on any terrain make it indispensable.