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M1278 Heavy Guns Carrier – Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

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This is a limited-edition series build and will not restock after its initial production run.

About the M1278 Heavy Guns Carrier – Joint Light Tactical Vehicle:

Mobility across a landscape is key to survival. The way soldiers move through battle-scapes has changed overtime and has led to some of the most sophisticated equipment of the modern day. With today’s advantages, soldiers are better protected against a host of threats. Not only are they protected, but they have off-road capabilities never seen before. This is all thanks to the latest innovation, the Oshkosh Defense Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV. The JLTV family of vehicles is a joint-service program designed to replace portions of each service’s light tactical wheeled vehicle inventory. This Army-led program fills a capability gap between current vehicles. The JLTV provides the soldiers with upgraded protection, increased mobility, and a larger payload when compared to the HUMVEE. Likewise, the JLTV has better off-road mobility, fuel efficiency, and reliability when compared to heavier IED protected all-terrain vehicles.