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M1A1 155mm Howitzer

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About the M1A1 155mm Howitzer:

The M1 155mm Howitzer was one of the main "heavy" guns used by the US Army during World War II (M1A1 specifically refers to the most common carriage type mated to the M1 Howitzer). This powerful weapon was to destroy buildings, entrenchments and moderately dug-in artillery pieces. Its high arcing fire made it ideal for neutralizing enemy in defilade positions. There were 163 battalions equipped with the 155mm howitzer during World War II, making it the third numerous type after the lighter 105mm and 75mm howitzers. It's ability to fire a 100-pound shell in excess of 16,000 yards at eight rounds per minute gave the 155mm howitzer a more powerful punch than its smaller cousins. The effectiveness of the 155mm howitzer is often cited as a major factor in Allied victory in Europe and its modern-day equivalent (M777) still provides the back bone of US artillery support.