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M22 Locust – Allied Light Airborne Tank

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About the M22 Locust – Allied Light Airborne Tank:

Built by the Americans and used by the British, the M22 Locust was a Second World War light tank designed to enter the battle from the sky. Intended to provide glider-borne support to airborne assaults, the Locust was relatively light, carried a crew of only three, and was armed with a small 37mm main gun. Locusts were sent to Great Britain to take part in the Normandy landings, but they were withdrawn from the D-Day plans due to recurring mechanical issues.

The Locust finally appeared on the battlefield in Operation Varsity, as eight tanks served with the British 6th Airborne Division in the fight to secure Rhine crossings. Although two crashed, four were damaged but continued to fight and two remained fully operational through the battle. The Locust arguably was obsolete upon arrival, but it represented a concerted effort to maximize the potential of the new Allied airborne units.