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M2A3 Bradley – Infantry Fighting Vehicle in NATO Camouflage

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About the M2A3 Bradley – Infantry Fighting Vehicle in NATO Camouflage:

The engagements of the Twenty-First Century have been fought in and amongst the homes and cities of embattled nations. Mobility and lethality have been paramount during these  battles. Many of the combatants the United States has faced dress in the guise of normal  citizens, making it difficult to discern casual bystanders from foe. The United States thus has  focused on small, highly mobile units to clear hotspots block by block. The Bradley Fighting  Vehicle is central in this strategy, offering mobility, protection, and lethality to the individual  ground units. It has proved valiant as a tank killer, launching TOW missiles during the First Gulf  War, and has proved equally effective during the Global War on Terror.

The Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) is the larger body that houses units comprising of Tanks, HUMVEEs, artillery, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and other supporting units. This is the current strategic element of quick striking infantry units that utilize speed and inter communication to strike targets with ferocity. The newest Bradley has been updated to fit this mold. Current Bradleys feature the newest in digital electronics for enhanced situational awareness, network connectivity, and communication within the ABCT. The Bradley hardly functions like the models from the Gulf War. Today, it is a more advanced lethal fighting vehicle that can coordinate in real time with other units, sharing valuable information in order to identify enemy combatants or friendly units in need of quick relief. These upgrades come from decades fighting in the Middle East and include items such as underbelly armor to protect soldiers against improvised explosive devices (IED) and reactive armor for threat of RPG-7. Additionally, the Bradley Urban Survivability Kits III (BUSK) has been added that includes four key modifications—blast-proof fuel cell, blast-resistant driver seat, a turret survivability system, and an emergency ramp release.

Bradleys utilize three crew members and contain seats for seven soldiers. The fighting vehicle’s primary gun is the M242 25mm Automatic Cannon designed by Bushmaster also known as a chain gun. For closer in support and to fend off ground troops, the Bradley has a coaxial 7.62mm M240C machine gun. Like mentioned above, the vehicle is also adept on fighting off tanks. For this, a dual-tube, Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wireless-guided (TOW) anti-tank  missile launcher makes quick work of Soviet era tanks or enemy technicals. The Bradley is at  the tip of the spear as the United States transitions away from its conflict in the Middle East. As threat of conflict is rising throughout the world, the Bradley stands ready.