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M4 Sherman – Allied Medium Tank - Brickmania Classic Series

  • ¥40,000
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About the M4 Sherman  – Allied Medium Tank:

The M4 Sherman was arguably the tank that won the war for the allies, being reliable, adaptable, and produced in the quantities needed to win. 

Brickmania's newest M4 Sherman is both a throw back to classic Brickmana designs, yet embodies the next level of innovations. The new lower and narrower hull brings this classic M4 Sherman in line with our other recent Sherman models, like Fury and Oddball kits. It comes with a Classic Tanker minifig with custom 3D printed US tanker helmet and weapons from BrickArms®.  Includes opening hatches for the commander, drivers, and engine compartment, plus smooth running 1.5 wide Brickmania Track Links as standard. There is a sticker pack included with Allied star insignia and other details. This is largely compatible with our older sticker a printed parts pack too. Don't be fooled by the Brickmania Classic designation; this is a high quality model that will become the new standard for additional variants to come.