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M41A3 Walker Bulldog - ARVN Armored Cavalry Tank

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About the M41A3 Walker Bulldog - ARVN Armored Cavalry Tank:

A mainstay of ARVN armored units, the M41 Walker Bulldog was reliable, fast, and easy to conceal in the field. During Operation Lam Son 719, South Vietnamese forces went deep into Laotian territory to set up landing zones. After meeting heavy opposition at LZ31, five M41A3 Walker Bulldog tanks were sent as reinforcements. In what was marked as the first major tank battle of the war, the ARVN armored crews managed to knock out six T-54s and 16 PT-76s without a single loss, thus proving the M41’s effectiveness even against the T-54’s superior firepower and armor protection.


Crew: 4
Armament: 76mm cannon, coaxial .30 cal and roof-mounted .50 cal machine guns
Range: 100 mi (161 km)
Speed: 45 mph (72.4 kph)