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M4A3 VVSS W (76mm) – "Cool Studs Inc. #4" 761st Tank Battalion

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NOTE: This kit's action shot features the Black Panthers 761st Tank Battalion Crew Pack which releases on 2/4/2022. It does NOT include all 5 figures pictured. Just the individual minifig in the stand alone render is included.

About the M4A3 VVSS W (76mm) – "Cool Studs Inc. #4" 761st Tank Battalion:

Showing up on the battlefield in the autumn of 1944, the Sherman M4A3 76W VVSS proved deadly effective against the German panzers. Upgraded armor, engine, and gun turned the Sherman into a menace and a favorite of the crews that operated them. The 76mm M1A1 (or A2) cannon was a powerful replacement to the previous short barreled 75mm guns. The added velocity proved better against enemy tanks and troop embankments. An interesting upgrade was the addition of “wet” storage for the main gun’s ammunition. In previous iterations, the M4’s ammunition was vulnerable to enemy fire. Originally located in the sponsons, the ammunition racks of the M4A3 76W were moved into the floor. Sixty-five shells lined either side of the driveshaft, protected by 34.5 gallons of water. An additional six shells were kept in reserve for emergencies. This upgrade protected the crew from internal explosion.

The M4A3 76W was the mainline tank of the 761st Tank Battalion, known as the “Black Panthers” or “Patton’s Panthers.” The 761st was a segregated Black unit that was known for its relentlessness in combat. The battle-hardened unit paved the Allied advance across Europe as the tip of Patton’s spear.


Crew: 5
Armament: 1x 76mm cannon, 2x .30 cal MG, 1x .50 cal MG
Speed: 30 mph (48 km/h)
Horsepower: 400 max