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Mark V (Heavy Tank)

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About the Mark V

The Mark V was a British WWI heavy tank, deployed in 1918 and primarily used in action during the closing months of WWI. The initial intention was for the Mark V to be a completely new design of tank, but parts to craft it didn’t become available in time, so it ended up being an upgraded Mark IV. The Mark V had more power from a new Ricardo engine, and only needed one driver thanks to the new Wilson epicyclical steering gear.

The first tanks arrived in France in May 1918. Four hundred were built, 200 each of Males and Females. The “Males” were armed with 6-pounder guns and machine guns, while the “Females” came with machine guns only. The Mark V was first used in the Battle of Hamel, on the 4th of July 1918. It went on to take part in eight major offensives before the end of the War.


  • Weight: 29 Tons (Male); 28 Tons (Female)
  • Length: 26 ft 5 in
  • Crew: 8 (Commander, driver, and six gunners)
  • Armor: 16 mm maximum front, 12 mm sides, 8 mm roof/”belly”
  • Main armament: Two 6-pounder (57-mm) cwt QF guns with 207 rounds; four .303 in (7.7-mm) Hotchkiss Mk. 1 machine gun
  • Engine: 19 liter six cylinder in-line Ricardo petrol engine – 150 hp at 1200 rpm
  • Power: 5.2 hp/ton
  • Speed:  5 mph maximum
  • Steering system: Wilson epicyclical steering

Additional information about this Brickmania custom building kit:

The Mark V comes with the following features

  • Technic link treads included
  • Exclusive BrickArms 6 Pounder Gun Barrels and Hotchkiss Machine Guns
  • Moveable Signal Paddles
  • 1/35 scale to match other Brickmania models
  • Over-all color is dark tan
  • Four opening hatches for driver and crew
  • Detail interior with seats for driver, machine gunner, shell storage, etc.
  • Includes 759 genuine new-condition elements
  • Intermediate Skill Level