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Pak 36 – 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun – Brickmania Classic Series

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About the Pak 36 – 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun:

The Pak 36 was Germany’s primary anti-tank gun for the first half of the Second World War. It was light, mobile, easy to handle and conceal, and boasted a high rate of fire. Nevertheless, its small 37mm caliber made it largely obsolete by the middle of the war. The Pak 36 proved useful against light tanks in the North African theater, as its light weight made it transportable by aircraft and its maneuverability suited the rapid movements of the campaign.

Mass-produced through the 1930s, the gun first saw service in the Spanish Civil War. Although sufficient in the invasion of Poland, the Pak 36 proved inadequate against heavy tanks such as the British Matilda, French Char B1, and Russian T-34. Nonetheless, the Pak 36 remained effective until such heavy tanks were available in large numbers. By 1943, the Pak 36 stopped production and was replaced by the larger Pak 38.