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QF 2 Pounder – Ordnance Anti-Tank Gun – Brickmania Classic Series

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About the QF 2 Pounder – Ordnance Anti-Tank Gun:

The QF 2-pounder was the primary British anti-tank gun through the Battle of France and into the North African Campaign. Although replaced in 1942 by the larger QF 6-pounder gun, the 2-pounder remained in service through the end of the war.

The 40mm gun was mounted on a distinctive carriage, with three folding legs and wheels that were removed when the gun was positioned. This base provided stability and a 360 degree field of fire, allowing the crew to target moving vehicles by rotating the gun with handwheels or simply by pushing the gun shield. The heavy gun typically was towed behind trucks but, to avoid the damage of incessant travel and provide more agile firepower, British troops in North Africa often mounted the 2-pounder on the bed of trucks. The 2-pdr performed well against light tanks and thinly-armored vehicles, whether firing from established positions or entering combat with guns blazing aboard trucks driving in reverse.