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Raupenschlepper Ost – WWII German Cargo Carrier and Prime Mover

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About the Raupenschlepper Ost – WWII German Cargo Carrier and Prime Mover:

After slogging through the Russian winter in 1941-42, the German army sought a vehicle more suited to the mud, snow, and primitive roads of the Eastern Front than its existing trucks and half-tracks. Automotive company Steyr adapted an existing light truck and developed the Raupenschlepper Ost (Caterpillar Tractor East), a fully-tracked, lightweight prime mover.

The RSO, as it was commonly known, was used extensively throughout the Eastern Front. Its popularity came from it reliability, ease of maintenance, and adaptability. Its simple tread system, with a slack tracks and no return rollers, made it less susceptible to bogging down in frozen mud and snow, and it quickly took on a variety of roles, from serving as a cargo carrier and tractor to carrying a Pak 40 anti-tank gun.