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S160 Locomotive - US Army Transportation Corps

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About the S160 Locomotive - US Army Transportation Corps:

It is often claimed by military commanders that “logistics win wars”. When moving troops, an enormous amount of material and supplies are required, ranging from bullets to clean water. During World War II, this task was the job of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps (USATC). Responsible for operations such as the Red Ball Express, the Corps also designed wartime train locomotives. The most prolific of these was the S160 Class locomotive. This inexpensive design was to fulfill the urgent need by Allied nations to move tanks, men, and supplies. Deployed primarily to England under Lend-Lease, 800 of these locomotives were shipped to England. After the Allied invasion at Normandy, hundreds of locomotives were shipped to France to support the drive towards Germany.

Over 2,000 S160s were produced during the war. After the war, hundreds of these locomotives were transferred to nations throughout Europe to help the struggling countries rebuild destroyed rail systems. Surviving models can still be seen today, including a fully restored S160 owned and operated by Churnet Valley Railway in England.


  • Cylinders: 2x 19x26 inch
  • Valve gear: Walschaerts
  • Boiler: Superheated, 5ft 10in 225 psi
  • Leading Wheels: 2ft 9in
  • Driving Wheels: 4ft 9in
  • Weight: 124 tons

Features of this Brickmania™ Kit:

Brickmania's S160 Locomotive was skillfully crafted by award-winning train designers Cale Leiphart and Glenn Holland. This model features fully functional, custom 3D-printed running gear and valve rods. This model is fully motorized and includes Power Functions L Motor, IR Receiver, AAA Battery Box and Train Controller (9 AAA batteries not included). Smooth running roller bearing-equipped wheel sets from Brick Model Railroader mean this model is ready to run on any combination of the current Power Functions train track layouts. This model will have an unused port on the Power Functions IR tower, which can be used to add lights from Brickstuff (not included).

Model Statistics:

  • 1,201 elements
  • Two custom-printed U.S. Army Transportation Corps minifigures
  • Full-color printed building instructions with optional builds for alternate British and European versions (extra pieces included)
  • 1/48th scale to match other Brickmania Railroad kits
  • Expert Skill Level (10+ years building experience recommended)