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Sikorsky® HH-60M Black Hawk® - US Army Medevac Helicopter

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About the Sikorsky® HH-60M Black Hawk® - US Army Medevac Helicopter:

The Sikorsky® HH-60M Black Hawk® is the medical evacuation version of the UH-60 multi-mission helicopter. The HH-60M is upgraded with the medical evacuation mission equipment (MEP) kit for its specific role in the modern battlefield. The primary mission of the HH-60M is to provide aerial support and medical transport to downed servicemen and civilians. This particular Black Hawk® has upgraded computer and navigation systems as well as more powerful engines compared to others in the lineup. This rotorcraft was designed to fly in all sorts of adverse conditions; unfortunately, weather does not adhere to the needs of downed servicemen.

The HH-60M has other unique features, including capacity for six litters. There is also an integrated oxygen-generating system for further patient care. Other ambulance characteristics are an ECG machine, patient monitors, and a built-in external rescue hoist. Crew for the medevac helicopter include a pilot and co-pilot, crew chief, and a flight medic. The helicopter can carry more as well, depending on the needs of the mission. Advanced avionics help with navigation both in daytime and at night. The forward looking infrared (FLIR) aids with search and rescue missions in all weather conditions. The HH-60M is the continuation of Korean War MASH units that used helicopters for medical missions.


Crew: 4
Empty Weight: 14,470 lbs
Speed: 140.7 kts
Range: 275.2 nm

Additional information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

The epic Brickmania Black Hawk® kit lineup continues with yet another highly detailed model with no stickers! All details are custom printed and include Red Cross emblems, tail boom markings, door markings, chaff dispensers, rotor blades, cockpit/interior details, and much more. Also included is a crew of four custom minifigs. The kits play features include sliding doors, spinning rotors, opening pilot doors, brick-built stretchers, a rescue winch, and more. This build sets yet another standard in an already incredible lineup, so be sure to secure a copy!