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Sikorsky® UH-60M Black Hawk® - U.S. Army Utility Helicopter

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About the Sikorsky® UH-60M Black Hawk® - U.S. Army Utility Helicopter:

The Sikorsky® UH-60 Black Hawk® line of helicopters are the workhorse utility and assault crafts of the United States military. Named after the tribal warrior Black Hawk of the Sauk Nation, the UH-60A was introduced in 1979 as a replacement to the UH-1 Iroquois. The Sikorsky® UH-60M is the most technologically advanced Black Hawk® yet, featuring such enhancements as a T700-GE-701D engine, an improved laser warning system, the Common Missile Warning System (CMWS), and increased cargo hook capacity and primary mission gross weight. The UH-60M also retains a troop capacity of eleven fully loaded soldiers.

Today, the US Army puts Black Hawk® helicopters to use in a wide range of missions and can outfit them for individual tasks, whether that be utility, transport, medevac, search and rescue, or air assault. Sikorsky® notes that over 4,000 Black Hawk® helicopters are in service around the globe with 28 different nations, proving that Black Hawk® helicopters continue to be the most versatile of the military’s rotary craft.


Crew: 4
Weight empty: 12,511 lb
Primary mission gross weight: 19,398 lb
Maximum gross weight (slick configuration): 22,00 lb
Cruise speed (16,800 lb, 4,000 ft, 95ºF @ 100% MCP): 151 kts