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Spitfire Mk I - WWII Fighter

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About the Spitfire Mk I WWII Fighter:

One of the most iconic aircraft of World War II, the Spitfire Mk I was respected by both the allied and axis powers for its incredible versatility and longevity. Serving valiantly at the outbreak of the war, the Mk I variant was larger in size than its German counterpart (the Bf-109E) but remained more agile in combat. The Mk I also downed the first German aircraft of WWII over British soil, an He 111 medium bomber on October 16, 1939. During the Battle of Britain, a mere 19 RAF Spitfire squadrons held off the numerically superior German Luftwaffe for three and a half months in what ultimately resulted in a British victory and a major turning point in the war.


Crew: 1
Armament: X8 7.69mm machine guns
Speed: 557 km/h (346 mph)
Range: 668 km (415 mi)