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StuG III Ausf. G – WWII German Assault Gun

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About the StuG III Ausf. G – WWII German Assault Gun:

The Sturmgeschütz III combined a Panzer III chassis with a fixed casemate and a powerful gun. Designed as mobile artillery to escort infantry attacks, the StuG III proved cheaper and quicker to produce than tanks and increasingly took on the anti-tank role as well. With more than 10,000 built, the StuG III was the most prevalent German armored fighting vehicle of the war.

In action from December, 1942 until the final days of the war, the Ausf. G was by far the most common variant. It carried a high-velocity, long-barreled 7.5cm gun, capable of blasting both fortifications and heavy enemy tanks, as well as a shielded MG34 on the loader’s hatch. Many vehicles featured shot deflectors around the commander’s cupola as well. In summer 1943, armor plates, or Shürzen, were bolted on to protect the sides and tracks. Adding to the Ausf. G’s distinctive look was the Saukopf, or “Pig’s Head,” gun mantlet, designed with rounded edges to deflect incoming rounds.