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WACO CG-4 – American Assault Glider With Clark CA-1 Dozer and 1/4 Ton Truck

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About the WACO CG-4 – American Assault Glider With Clark CA-1 Dozer and 1/4 Ton Truck:

In the early morning of D-Day, gliders swept silently over the Normandy coast and skidded to a stop in the fields of France, beginning the Allied liberation of western Europe. Out of the gliders swept men, vehicles, and equipment to seize bridges, towns, and crossroads and block Axis reinforcements. 

The WACO CG-4 glider was well-suited for delivering men and material into combat. Constructed of wood, metal, and canvas, the gliders were light but nonetheless capable of carrying heavy loads, such as a platoon of 13 men, Jeeps, or light artillery and machinery. The WACO’s nose-section hinged up, allowing rapid exit. Factories ranging from automobile and aircraft companies to furniture manufacturers worked 24-hour shifts in the rush to produce the gliders, building almost 14,000 WACOs by the end of the war.
Brickmania’s kit commemorating the D-Day airborne assault includes glider infantry, a Jeep to enable movement and communication behind enemy lines, and a bulldozer to clear the landing zones for the oncoming reinforcements.