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WW2 German Mercedes-Benz W31 Hitler specification (Gray)

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Developed by Mercedes-Benz in 933, the G4/W31 was a large passenger car powered by a Daimler-Benz M24, 8-cylinder 5019 cc, 100 PS engine. Fifty-four almost identical cars were produced in 1934 and were used by Hitler, Goering and other high-ranking Nazi officials for official and private purposes. Hitler was attracted by the stately and luxurious style of the car and used it mainly for parades. Hitler's car was heavily armoured with bulletproof glass, bulletproof plates and other protective armour to protect it from assassination. This is why this car is always seen in the parade scenes of documentary films of the time, with a very happy Hitler on board. The G4/W31 also differed slightly from car to car, and there was also a car with a roof of the same specification.(From Wikipedia)


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