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WW2 German NSU Kettenkracht with towing vehicle

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The Kettenkrad (German: Kettenkrad) was a semi-armoured car developed in Germany during the Second World War. The Kettenkrad was produced by NSU and others between 1941 and 1944, with another 550 produced after the war. There were two variants, the Sd Kfz 2/1 for laying wire and the Sd Kfz 2/2 for laying heavy wire.

The official name was Kleines Kettenkraftrad (German: Kleines Kettenkraftrad), which translates verbatim as "small armoured motorbike". The military designation was Sd.Kfz.2 and the NSU model was Typ. Ketten (German: Ketten) means chain or crawler, and Kraftrad (German: Kraftrad) was the term for motorbike in those days, equivalent to "Motorrad" in modern German. In military parlance, the term is abbreviated to Krad (German: Krad). (From Wikipedia)



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