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WW2 US Army M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

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The M3 37mm gun was designed as an anti-tank gun in the 1930s.

It had a heavy shell weight for a 37mm anti-tank gun, a high initial velocity and excellent penetration, but it could not keep up with the increased armour of German tanks and became a 'door knocker' that could not shoot through armour. It was therefore withdrawn from production in 1943 and replaced by the M1 57mm gun, a licensed version of the British Ordnance QF 6-pounder.

In the Pacific theatre, Japanese tanks were greatly outnumbered by German tanks in terms of defensive capabilities and continued to be used until the end of the war, not only in anti-tank combat but also in fire support using howitzers and M2 canister rounds.

In island combat, the lightweight 37mm gun, which could be moved by about five men, came in handy and was often used as a large shotgun with canister ammunition for direct fire, breaking up Japanese assaults and clearing jungle undergrowth that blocked the line of fire.(From Wikipdia)


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