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WWII Pack v3

  • ¥1,960
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• US M1 Helmet• US M1 Garand• US M1 Carbine FS• US M1911• US M1A1 SMG• British Brodie Helmet• British SMLE Mk3• British Sten w/Mag• British Webley Revolver• Soviet SSh40 Helmet• Soviet Mosin Rifle• Soviet PPSh SMG• Soviet PPSh TT-33• German Stahlhelm• German Kar98 Rifle• German MP40 v2E• German P08 Luger• Japanese Type 90 Helmet• Japanese Ariasaka Rifle• Japanese Nambu Pistol• Japanese Type 91 Grenade• (SSh40 as) M33 Helmet• NEW Italian Carcano• NEW Italian Carcano• NEW Italian MAB 38