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Presidential Limousine - Official State Car

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About the Presidential Limousine - Official State Car:

The President of the United States’ official limousine, otherwise referred to as The Beast, is maintained by the U.S. Secret Service and transported via Air Force One. However, calling The Beast a limo is far from the whole picture. Covered in a combination of steel, titanium, and aluminum military grade armor, The Beast has protections against biological and explosive attacks, and can even lay an oil slick to prevent from being followed. The Secret Service Chauffeur in charge of driving is trained in the most advanced of evasive driving techniques including the 180-degree J-turn.

Specifications (Closest Comparable):

Mileage: 15 city/21 hwy
Horsepower: 304 hp
Stock Engine: 2.6 L V-6

Additional information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

Travel the land in a manner fitting the leader of the free world with the Brickmania Presidential Limousine! Loaded with custom printing, a spacious interior, and true to life design, this model showcases the sleekness of the POTUS’s ride while keeping the play functions of a brick-built vehicle. Also included with the kit are stashed BrickArms for protection, a minifridge with the presidents blood type, and three custom minifigs, POTUS, VPOTUS and a U.S. Secret Service Chauffeur.

Model Statistics:

Designed by John Canepa
378 elements
3x custom minifig designed by Landon Reimer
Additional custom printed elements
Full-color printed building instructions
1/35th scale to match other Brickmania kits
Sophomore Skill Level (2-4 years building experience recommended)