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  2. Sikorsky® UH-60M Black Hawk® - U.S. Army Utility Helicopter
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  4. Sikorsky® MH-60R SEAHAWK® - Maritime Multi-Mission Strike Helicopter
  5. Bell® UH-1Y Venom – Medium Utility Helicopter
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  6. H125 Helicopter - California Highway Patrol Aircraft
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  7. Bell® AH-1(G) Cobra® - Attack Helicopter
  8. Bell® UH-1(D) Huey® - Utility Military Helicopter
  9. Sikorsky® MH-60T Jayhawk™ - U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue Helicopter
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  10. Ka-52 Alligator - All Weather Attack Helicopter
  11. MH-X Ghost Hawk - Advanced Stealth Helicopter
  12. Mi-17V-5 Hip – Ukrainian Multi-Mission Helicopter
  13. Sikorsky® HH-60G PAVE HAWK™ – Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter
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  14. Bell® AH-1(W) SuperCobra® – USMC Attack Helicopter
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