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U-2® Dragon Lady® - High Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft

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About the U-2® Dragon Lady® - High Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft:

Developed by Lockheed Martin® via the famous Skunk Works® and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) throughout the Cold War, the U-2® high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, nicknamed ‘Dragon Lady®’, remains operational to this day in the form of the U-2S®. The prototype designs that would lead to the creation of the U-2® were the brainchild of Lockheed® engineer Clarence “Kelly” Johnson. This brilliant and unique design allowed the U-2® to carry 700 pounds of important reconnaissance and surveillance equipment while maintaining a mission range of 3,000 miles and the ability to fly at an astonishing 70,000 feet.

In 1956 the U-2® completed a flight from West Germany over the Soviet Union, capturing unprecedented information and giving the United States a look behind the Iron Curtain. Throughout its career, the U-2® would fly missions over Vietnam, Cuba, and China as well. Today, U-2® aircraft are used for everything from high-altitude NASA physics experiments, to tracking beetle migrations in the forests of Alaska.


Wingspan: 104ft 10in
Wing Area: 1,000ft²
Cruise Speed: 475mph (764km/h)
Ceiling: 70,000ft (21,336m)
Range: 3,000 miles (unrefueled)

Additional information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

This massive build perfectly captures the unique dimensions and angles of the iconic U-2® aircraft. The kit includes over a dozen custom printed elements, including a custom minifig pilot, and has play features such functional landing gear. Some cross-element details are featured on a high-quality sticker sheet.

Model Statistics:

Designed by Jonah Padberg
1616 Elements
1x custom minifigs designed by Landon Reimer
Additional custom printed elements
Full-color printed building instructions
High-quality sticker sheet
1/35th scale to match other Brickmania kits
Advanced Skill Level (6-8 years building experience recommended)

LOCKHEED MARTIN®, U-2®, Dragon Lady®, associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other jurisdictions, used under license by Brickmania, LLC