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WW2 German National Railways class 52 steam locomotive (Kriegslok) Gray version

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In accordance with the "Wartime Steam Locomotive Plan" formulated by the German Third Reich government in 936, freight locomotives with simple structures, mass-produced wartime specifications, and light axle weights were mass-produced, starting with the 50 class (1939).

It was not until 1942, when strategic materials became scarce and large locomotives were desperately needed to support the tight transportation of goods, that the project was fully launched. Prototype 1 (52 001), a simpler version of the 50UK class, was built in the same year. In the same year, prototype No. 1 (52 001), which was a simplified version of the 50UK class, was built, and prototype No. 2 (52 002), which reflected the results of the test run, was additionally built.

Full-scale mass production began in 1944. In the mass production of this class, all the leading locomotive manufacturers in the German Reich, which had been engaged in the production of locomotives for the German National Railways, were mobilized, and the locomotives were continuously produced according to the initial plan of 30,000 units with improvements made as needed.

However, due to Germany's defeat in the war, only 6,248 locomotives were actually completed for the German National Railways.(from Wikipedia)



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